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Deborah Dobbs grew up in Texas. Throughout her life, she has worked as a delivery van driver, a swanky night club hostess, a substitute teacher, a college professor, and an espresso business owner. She started her career as a victim advocate in 1996. 

She attended UT Austin and earned a BA in Sociology. She went on to earn her MA from The University of North Texas, and her studies focused on criminology and deviant behavior.  There, she discovered she was less interested in theories about criminal behavior than in helping victims recover. 

Deborah's mother lured her into the emotionally grueling work of victim advocacy. Deborah spent much of her time as an advocate helping victims of violence against women. However, she also responded to murder, suicide, and traffic fatality scenes. Her job involved court accompaniment, delivering death notifications, and arranging for crime scene clean up. Deborah left countless scenes with the smell on her clothes and in her sinuses. 

After thirteen years of crisis work. Deborah stepped into nonprofit leadership. Her career has provided her with unique views of the judicial system, patterns of violent offenders, and the experiences of their victims. 

Writing about work began as a coping mechanism. Later, it evolved into novels that invite readers into a victim advocate's world. The stories are realistic, but to protect the good guys, they are indeed fiction. The genres of Psychological Thriller, and Crime Fiction were a natural fit.

Deborah lives in Allen, Texas with her husband, daughter, a useless dog name Sadie, and a murderous cat named Sicario.


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