The Psychotic Son (This novel is keeping her options open)

In 1984, the detectives of Allen, Texas Police Department knew they were looking at a murder. The pistol had a light trigger, the point of entry told them it wasn't a gun cleaning accident, and there was something unsettling about the victim’s son.
But what do you do with a five-year-old killer?

In 1996, new victim advocate Colleen Heenan considered the small town of Allen a good place to cut her teeth, but on day one, she learns how wrong she was. Having lost her parents to murder-suicide, Colleen has experienced firsthand how little justice is found in the judicial system. As a victim advocate, she hopes to ease others’ suffering.
Little does she know how dangerous the work will be.

Colleen soon discovers that Allen has more than its fair share of murder and mayhem. The cases hit close to home, particularly one involving a murderous sexual predator who slips past an inept detective to terrorize his family and anyone else he encounters. As a civilian and an outsider, with no authority to investigate or make arrests, Colleen can only rattle cages. Pushing too hard puts her job on the line, yet the stakes are too high to remain a quiet observer, especially when she could be
the next victim of the psychotic son.

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