The Psychotic Son

In the searing heat of June 1996, in Alwin, Texas, a sinister storm brews. A young psychopath teeters on the edge of seventeen, his malevolent mind harboring secrets darker than the abyss. Within his twisted world, vengeance takes root, and ominous plans unfurl. But fate deals an unexpected card with the arrival of Colleen Heenan, a victim advocate. As her presence cuts through the town's façade, the psychopath's gaze fixates upon her, branding her as a dangerous threat to be eradicated. Alwin transforms into a crucible of terror, where every step Colleen takes unearths buried horrors and resurrects her own tortured past. Haunted by the echoes of a justice system that faltered, Colleen becomes a beacon of hope amidst the encroaching darkness. As the battle rages, she stands as the only barrier between innocence and annihilation. The town's pulse quickens with the impending clash of good and evil as she confronts a malevolent killer who thrives within the shadowed depths. With time slipping away, Colleen races against the ticking clock, pushing her skills, resilience, and sanity to the limit. Can she extinguish the twisted flame of this predator before it engulfs all in its path? Or will Alwin, Texas, become a macabre epitaph of lost justice? Brace yourself for a spine-chilling thriller that will leave you gasping for breath, unable to escape its relentless grip.

Deborah's debut novel The Psychotic Son is the first in the Colleen Heenan series. It's available on Amazon, or you can order paperbacks or hard covers directly from the publisher Anatolian Press

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Book 2 in the Colleen Heenan series will be released in November 2023!

Leaving the mess in Alwin behind, victim advocate Colleen Heenan takes a position in her home town of Winston, Texas. With some experience under her belt, she has learned how to rattle cages to help victims win small victories, but her efforts fall short with an old school street cop and unlikely victim of attempted murder. A broken system, rife with double standards and revolving doors, turns the would-be assassin loose on the community, where she unleashes her rage on anyone who tries to stop her from completing her sinister mission.

Inspired by true events, VILE will leave you questioning, if not fearing, the cracks in our criminal justice system.

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Autumn Tales (a horror anthology)

Ten authors. Ten tales. One wonderful cause.
Autumn Tales is a different kind of anthology. It's horror with a heart. 

I was honored to participate in this project as both an editor and an author. Not only was it a blast, but 100% of Amazon proceeds benefit Collective Liberty, a solid nonprofit organization doing excellent work in the fight to end human trafficking. 

Because of the charitable aspect of this project, I encourage readers to purchase the kindle, paperback, or hardback version from Amazon. If you have an aversion to the behemoth, you can find Autumn Tales at Barnes & Noble online, as well. 

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